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Knocked Out of a State of Bliss

Dear Friends,


Three weeks of bliss. Uninterrupted, pure bliss gone in one judgment.

One thought that I knew how someone ought to live their life better than they are doing it … Ouch. And, I was kicked out of paradise.

Yep, twenty one long and glorious days of Love is All there Is. Conditions don’t define me. Spirit rocks this house. Life is a beach on a sunny day with dear friends and a kickin’ sunset. Then driving down the road, letting my mind take a detour into the thoughtUnknown-1 ghetto and I was snagged. I never spoke the thought. I didn’t take action on the thought. I didn’t gossip about this opinion of mine. I merely entertained it and I went from Heaven to outside its doors knocking loudly.

There I was, driving down the street, one moment Here and the next moment there. It was that quick.

I returned home and entered my meditation practice. Open heart. Breathe deep. Remember who I Am.


Back to Bliss,



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