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Marianne Williamson Speaks of Martin Luther King — Rare Footage

January and February are precious months for me. Why? Because I love as a people we come together over much that is good. First, the New Year. Most of us invest thoughtful reflective time upon who we’ve been and who we plan on becoming. We stop, celebrate with people we love and step into a new beginning. Then in February we celebrate Valentine’s Day, stopping to remind people they have admirers and are loved. Nestled between the two is Martin Luther King’s birthday. My Facebook page greets me with quote after quote of speeches King gave. I ponder the power of one life, leadership, and standing on the right side of an issue. I am awed at how he galvanized a moment in history that shifted how we behave together as a culture. This year I spent Martin Luther King’s birthday in my new Los Angeles community attending a music event fundraiser #RAJ14 Rising. Monday evening I drove to Santa Monica with holiday traffic patterns; meaning, I could actually...

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And A New Year, It Is

  I have been fascinated with the idea of “new” this year. “New,” of course, means it hasn’t been before. I’m reading Billionaire Richard Branson‘s autobiography and aware he names his companies “Virgin,” as for him, each company and its concept for him is “new.” It is outside of the known. It is beyond what is present preceding this moment. The idea hasn’t yet taken form. 2013 is a time in history which hasn’t yet been. And, within this year I can experience newness by becoming new and courting The New. I can decide the way I will approach life. Will I choose to be a victim, complain, and judge? Or, will I choose to live from my Highest knowing of Spirit? Will I contribute my gifts, skills and talents to Life? And, in what forms? And, to whom? Do I dare to be the Authentic Bonnie as more and more of me is revealed to me? I say YES to entering into my own new experience of me....

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