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Gobbling Up Books

Dear Friends,

The first week of January ImpulsUS Community has placed attention upon clearing, cleaning, and listening in order to receive one’s own unique theme for 2016. There is no right and wrong to theme receiving. Mine comes through a series of insights and revelations. Drops and dribbles.

As a community, though, we are making our insights and revelations welcome. We can’t force them to show up, but we can woo them through our availability and attentiveness. So, we do. Part of that process for us, included a week long media/entertainment fast. For me this meant no television, internet shows (which I love to binge watch), movies, or news in any form unless it makes it way to me. And, if it is important, it always does.

This practice has given me back my evenings. Now I go out of the condo (YES, and part of my 2016 theme), reach out to friends, and I read. And, I mean gobble, devour, and consume. And, the reading is not entertainment or distraction, it is Soul Reading. It is related to who I am, what I do, and what I value. For the past year I have purchase many books by mystics and haven’t gotten to them. Now, I have.

I finished reading an old book by David Spangler, The Laws of Manifestation. Spangler is a

David Spangler

David Spangler

mystic, spiritual teacher, and was part of the Findhorn Community. I’ve had an aversion to the word manifestation because the people I know who seem to focus on it tend to be desperate and grasping. It has been a turn off for me. His description, though, is not about getting things; but about BEING available for God (Infinite Love) to reveal through us. LOVE IT!!

Manifestation is a process of releasing a potential. This is another way of saying that we are manifesting what already exists. – David Spangler

Then I picked up another book by him, his most recent, Journey into Fire, where he uses the metaphor of the cosmos in speaking about God. Get this … in chapter one he has an exercise

Star photo taken by NASA

Star photo taken by NASA

called Being a Sun and another entitled Being a Galaxy. This has been part of my Emergent Spirituality call. To use the cosmos as an analogy instead of the old religious stories; which are powerful, but sullied by so much fundamentalism. The new frontier I am in, he too is exploring and further along. I have found a colleague-in-Spirit.

I believe that humanity is struggling to shift away from the sun/satellite model of creation and into one that I call a “galactic” model: that of a community of generative, radiant stars with no one star at the center providing energy for all the others. – David Spangler

This fits nicely into ImpulsUS’ theme for 2016 Infinite, Expanding Youniverse in Action. Each one of us is a light in action all generative and together we comprise a galaxy. Cool A lot to play

Another NASA photo with stars

Another NASA photo with stars

with in stepping beyond our perceived limitations into a spaciousness of more Love, Freedom, Peace, and Newness.

God is Good!!!



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