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Great Egret on Scottsdale Road

Dear Friends,


Scottsdale Road is a main arterial running from Tempe with the name Rural Road through Scottsdale and Paradise Valley ending in Cave Creek as Tom Darlington Drive — driving from one end to the other can take several hours.

Yesterday I drove north; boutique speciality shops to my right such as Sprinkles; the Baskin and Robbins of cupcakes. To my left is a colossal shopping center with a median between my car and it. Standing perched on the median was an egret. Long skinny legs, elegant and poised in the midst of what could be almost called a freeway. I slowed my car down and the oil_painting_photo_effect
two of us locked eyes as I continued to chant a series of “wow” as I drove by.

The Lenten Season began February 18th. This is a season of preparation for a new consciousness; a movement of going from focusing upon that which is temporary and moving toward living from The Eternal. For me it is also a time of stepping into the “What appears to be Impossible; Possible.” This is where the Egret on Scottsdale Road would be a symbolic reminder that ALL is POSSIBLE in the realm of God Consciousness. In this realm; everything is given and I get to simply receive, enjoy, and laugh an awful lot.

Question: As you and I go about our day today, can we pick out and see the absurd; far-fetched; I thought that was impossible possible?

Happy Lent,


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