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Dimensions of Consciousness

Yesterday I read God Theory, The: Universes, Zero-Point Fields, and What’s Behind It Allby astrophysicist Bernard Haisch not one or two but THREE times.  My body consumed it like manna taking in the message through my mind and absorbing the essence of it as a transmission through my body.  There were three points in the book he made which when I read them produced a smile and a YES exclamation throughout the quiet walls of my home.  I will share the other two insights in future blogs, but today I wanted to share what I learned about Dimensions of Consciousness.  It is important to preface I was raised in the belief structure of Newtonian Physics and although Quantum Physics has been on the scene for a long while, it hasn’t become a mainstream conversation  until late.  It, however, changes the entire way we see the Universe; which, is in alignment with what the Mystics have spoken of for thousands of years.  Direct revelation proceeds scientific inquiry.  LOVE IT!!

Consciousness I will define as Intelligent Energy.  A capital “C” refers to what we would call God and a small “c” the presence of God within us.  Christians would call this “Christ”.  As author Haisch says, new science confirms matter does not create consciousness, Consciousness precedes matter.  Matter is made of consciousness, taking a variety of forms.  God, in Science is the Zero-Point Field out of which all springs.  Mystics have said there is One God and we, through incarnation become the manifestation of God in human form.  God can only experience embodied life through us.

Haisch speaks of the String Theory as correlated with the spiritual knowing of multiple levels of consciousness, or “in my house there are many mansions.” Haisch saysIt is acceptable today, even fashionable, to publish scientific papers that propound theories of invisible universes that may be adjacent to our own in other dimensions.  some have even postulated universes right on top of our own, interprenetrating the space we inhabit, supporting their claims with impressive mathematics that invoke, for example, opposite chirality particles and interactions. These theories, called superstring and M-brane theories, are among the most exciting and prestigious frontiers of modern physics. They have served as foundation for many coveted reputations and many successful academic careers.  I myself have had post docs working for me who are experts in these areas. If a religious person talks about transcendent spiritual realities, however, he or she is scoffed at. For some reason the eleven-or twenty-six-dimensional string worlds of scientific theory are plausible, but the supernatural realms in mysticism are judged to be mere superstition. (page 36)

Okay, guess what I took away?  Another “software update” on an old paradigm (Newtonian) which freed my perception from judging my direct experience as “weird” or “different.”  Of course they are weird in a belief system where matter (that which is seen) creates consciousness (that which is not seen).  However, in a newer understanding of fields of consciousness and multiple dimensions of Intelligent Energy (Unseen creates seen) I can embrace the angelic realm and many other invisible realms which MUST exist. Dance time!! I released an inner conflict and  judgment I was holding onto.  Freedom came a few days later than the 4th!

More to come…

Respectfully Soulful,


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