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What Really Follows the Storm?

Dear Friends,


The beauty of being awake and aware to an inner life is to be present to what is alive within at THIS VERY MOMENT. This is good news. This is also not-so-good news. Not so good in that I am aware of when I am chartering unknown territories and I images-1am in the activity of an inner storm. Good news in that the more I ride out and open to storms; the more confident I am in The Eternal Presence of Divine Love to accompany me through them.

Such was the case for me these last two weeks of March. I experienced tremendous inner energy shifts resulting in a few sleepless nights; some allergy issues; and, a case or two of Infinite Doubt, to borrow the phrase used by the multiple authors of How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain.

Unknown-1I am now a week on dry land and, as always, grateful to have experienced this inner disruption followed by re-calibration. As I sit in reflection, I pause to recognize all of the Support I received through this process:

My daily spiritual practice. Twenty years ago I committed to a daily spiritual practice whether I felt like it or not. When the storm is in full throttle; I appreciate the disciplined routine and I have developed and a repeated trust in its temporary nature. This has been essential as in the midst of the quickening, dark night, funk, re-qualification, existential dread — whatever name it is given — while in it; it feels real and permanent.

My spiritual coach. I have a wonderful prayer coach I work with every fourteen days; and Unknownhave for the past ten plus years. She prays for me regularly and I am able to speak with her about my inner processes while she stands witness to my unfolding. She reminds me of the temporary nature of the process of transformation and the permanent results it leaves behind.

Books by spiritual masters. I used to read spiritual books to learn and to grow. I now read them with the intention of collegial connection. I have discovered a multi-generational; multi-dimensional spiritual family through my reading.

ImpulsUS, my spiritual community. ImpulsUS is one year new and so we are growing into ourselves as a collective field and a spiritual community. We are a group of business professionals and entrepreneurs who engage in spiritual practice together every week. No topic or comment is off-limits. We stand witness to each other as we step further into our commitment to live a Divine-expressed life.

imagesToward the end of this past transformation I attended a Oneness Blessing given by Joyce Sinclair. She is one of twenty U.S. citizens initiated into giving golden orb blessings. Her personality stepped aside, similar to someone channeling, and a soft, potent, light beamed through her eyes toward each person in the room. This experience softened my heart (always love that), and called forth The Presence. Whew.

The balm finds its way to the opening.

I was SO moved by this experience that I asked Joyce to join ImpulsUS for an intimate transmission Saturday morning, April 23rd, 9 to 10:30 am. The suggested love offering is $35 (more is appreciated and no one will be turned away for financial reasons). We meet at the Scottsdale Congregational Church on Granite Reef Road.

Last night I ran into a friend of mine who is the middle of a spiritual storm. She felt incredible relief speaking about her Infinite Doubt; her struggle with practice in the midst of all of this; and, her frequent desire to give up. How nice it is that the Infinite orchestrates such encounters.

Much Love to You Today,


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