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There is Something Within Me that Knows

Dear Friends,

I am in the midst of such an exquisite awareness.

Curiosity and innate wisdom have joined their hands together and are leading me to resources describing what I know to be true in new ways. I find myself reading books on emergence, field and systems theory, lost (now found) books of the Bible, collective revelations, tribes, and watching videos by teachers that move me. This is interspersed with my own silent reflection and meditation. If I could bottle up this feeling tone and pass it around we’d all be talking about the party for the remainder of our lives.

One of the books I am reading is called Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future by four change leadership colleagues* who got together to dialogue on what happens at the point of collective breakthrough. As a minister, soon to be community leader, these observations hold great value to me. How does or could transformation happen within and to the collective consciousness?


Silence is a key. And, the shift, it turns out, begins to happen when vulnerability is present. Vulnerability, to me, is that place beyond the formulated knowing state that is open or surrendered to the Whole. The Whole is always present in our midst available to us to access It through us for a new creation in consciousness to emerge.

Vulnerability can happen through catastrophe when we are cracked wide open and are viscerally raw. I see this within myself and clients when they’ve experienced the loss of a beloved. Something innate within the loss invites a deep freedom, if willing, or a deep bitterness, if not. Vulnerability can also be an induced state through the spiritual practice of inquiry or luring of the Whole through yearning and surrender of opinion/judgments. This practice can usher us into the State of Oneness in which Grace is the operating system. And vulnerability can happen within a group of people who admit to not knowing and sit in silence together for the Known within the Whole to reveal Itself.


I’m heading back into silence now. My commitment this week will be to invite silence in to more conversations.

May your Sunday reflect your Beauty,


* authors are Peter Senge, C. Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski, and Betty Sue Flowers


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  1. I find this fascinating. As a prayer practitioner of 20 + years, at some point, I found myself encouraging clients to befriend vulnerability. Sometimes the study and practice of affirmative prayer can be associated with a kind of ‘all knowing certainty’ that is unauthentic. True faith, spiritual authority and vulnerability are powerful companions experienced from the Unified Field of Awareness. Thank you Bonnie for this important post. I love you, Angela

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