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Feed a Cold; Starve a Fever

Today is day four of a nasty cold.  Up until this visitation I had been happily writing a book on the Soul and feeling terrific about my discipline.  I would pat myself on the back at the end of each day and smile with a warm sense of completion.  Then, on a 108 degree day in Phoenix a cold got me.  “How can this happen?”  I am shouting aloud in my house.  Then, the shouting stops as  my throat begins to swell.  I don’t know who is winning the race, running faster, my nose or eyes.  My ears begin plugging up and my head is out of commission.  The first day I love and embrace the whole thing.  I give thanks to God for creating a bit of spaciousness for myself after writing about the value of it.  I go to sleep clogged up and grateful.  Day two, not so joyful.  Despite application of multiple essential oils and cleansing routines, I tend to be getting worse.  I take to reading, and no retention.  I try to force myself to write and I can’t penetrate the fog.  Day three, no end in sight.  I purposely include a long walk in the now 112 degree heat trusting movement and the dry air.  Today is day four, I remember I’m to feed a cold but I’m not hungry. So I grab all of my favorite writer’s books on writing and cradle them for awhile on the couch, feeding myself the energy of the written word.  I finally surrender. I laugh to myself as not too long ago I chose to live in solitude and practice days of no-doing.  Now that I’m invested in the accomplished and I’m being forced into no activity, I rebel.   I am funny.


  1. I know I shouldn’t be laughing but the way you describe your cold in 112 degree weather is somewhat humorous! I normally would recommend to my Colorado friends a steam shower but I won’t dare with the temps where you are! Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this sacred space… I am enjoying being filled with your spirit! I am exploring the idea of taking time to see what “no doing” would feel like, but can’t seem to get from under my 800 pound “to do” list!!!!

  2. Perhaps it was just a cold or perhaps it came along to remind you how much you love solitude……but evidently on your own terms and of your own choosing. Good thing you had books on writing to feed your soul while having to be solely alone. Get better soon.

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