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Off to the Pharmacy

Dear Friends,



My right eye is swollen shut dripping with an infection that I continue to blot on and off and I’ve lost my voice.

Six days ago I woke up with a sore throat. I began my regular treatment of homeopathic pearls, throat lozenges, local honey with lemon, lots of rest and lots of prayer. My sore throat continued. My routine continued. In the midst of this flair up, I was visiting family and friends who reinforced my well being as I did not have a fever, I had a lot of energy and I felt REAL good. Then last night in the middle of dinner with my writing partner, my right eye turned bright red, ached and itched and yellow discharge started puddling in my eye. I had to admit to myself that my body clearly required my attention.

I am a prayer warrior. And, today I sit with my writing partner in a rented house out of town hearing words scratch forth from my throat when any sound comes out of my throat at all. When the pharmacy opens in ninety minutes, I will be the first in line.

I have had such powerful prayer and meditation miracles that I question why prayer is effective sometimes and not others; and if my perception of answered prayer is too small. I pray that my throat or eye clears up. Does that need to be at the exclusion of medication? What if medication is the miracle? Somewhere, in sometime, a group of individuals dedicated their lives to come up with a scientific formula turned medicine that would treat the very condition I am experiencing at this moment. My prayer was answered before I asked it. That in and of itself when I get quiet is quite miraculous. Our culture requires individuals to possess money in order to receive medicine. I have some. And, on a Sunday, in a remote section of Washington State, a pharmacy will open and my friend with a car will take me there. It is all quite grand, in its own way. And, yet, I want to pray away this physical ailment.

The doctor I spoke to yesterday (also a miracle) said that if I continue doing what I am doing I will be healed; it may just take longer. So, could the prayer answered look like my patience? And, honestly, God is ALL that is (Physicist David Bohm said that all matter is frozen Light — sounds like God to me).

No matter what I will not stop praying. What I know is I listen to The Loving Presence through meditation and I align myself with the Wholeness of God through prayer. Both, I will continue. And I will keep my heart and eye (pun intended) open to see where the ordinary becomes extraordinary to me.

I’ve had a long running joke with myself that all of my life experiences enhance my ministry and/or are perfect for a character in a book. Don’t be surprised if you read my new book with a protagonist who is a prayer warrior battling a sore throat and eye infection.

Keep Laughing,

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