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Insight and Prayer for Well Being

Dear Friends,


The following excerpt is taken from Dr. Holmes’ book This Thing Called You:

You have discovered the spiritual universe. Many others have discovered the same world, but each must make the discovery for himself. You are going to have a lot of joy sailing around this world of yours. Don’t fight the opinions of others, or waste your time arguing over these things. Follow the inward gleam of your consciousness and you will arrive.

Whatever you identify yourself with you will become like. Whatever you resist until you make it a reality, you will also become like. Therefore, “…resist not evil and it will flee from you.” Don’t fight your fears, see through them. There is nothing in God’s world to be afraid of. Say:

I know there is a spiritual center within me which is perfect.
I am now telling my own consciousness automatically to ward off any thoughts of doubt or uncertainty.
I sense that every state of doubt, every consciousness of negation is leaving me.
Every doubt is being converted into certainty.
Fear is being converted into faith.
I have an abiding sense of happiness and peace.
I am the very essence of peace.
I have an inward confidence in my oneness with Good.
I rest in sublime trust.

Jesus spent little time in negative thought–only enough to see through it, to reverse the false sense of life with a true realization of man’s union with God. This glorious figure, like a shaft of light, shot across the bewildered consciousness of man, proving every claim he made, leaving behind him a breath of heaven, fragrant with love. As he identified himself with the Source of his being, so you must identify yourself with that Spirit which is ever with you.

(My prayer)

Therefore …

Right where I am the Presence of God, the Good, is.
I can’t help it. I can’t change it. I live move and have my beingness in God. And, I am supported in and by this Divine Love, Grace, Joy and Well Being.
I turn my attention from catastrophizing and the energy that goes with it and I turn my attention toward the Innermost and the Highermost God resting in this Peace. As I do this, I become aware that there is no beginning and end to Peace. Its energy field is within me, and around me, and is the core of my being. I sit in quiet repose and soak this energetic inoculation in. I become my own generator of God’s Good through my awareness of Peace.
I am blessed.
I am a blessing.
I move forward today listening to this inner nudging doing what is mine to do and leaving the remainder to someone else who is tasked with the remaining doingness that isn’t mine. I trust in God. I trust in The Good of God. I trust in my knowing from This Good.
And So it is. Amen.

Remember my brothers and sisters, You are more than you are aware of.

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