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The Holy Sacred Razor Clam

Dear Friends,



The last three days I have been in mostly silence, mostly meditation, mostly prayer and 100 percent alone.

Energetically I’d become overwhelmed, and it was time that I broke from my availability to others, and dove within my Soul. This quiet, natural progression led to writing my Christmas letter last night where I stopped myself because it was too heavy. I could see on paper I was still carrying my past year without processing and integrating ALL of it. The note felt leaky and a bit whiney, so I put it down realizing I had more inner work to do.

Then I tucked myself in bed; and had one of those dreams. One of those rich, prophetic, crazy-fun dreams.

I was called back to a city I used to work and live in. There had been a mass shooting at a local school within the past year. I came recommended as someone who could transform energy. So they called me to join their city and school team, to honor and clear the space so that something new could be born from what felt tragic and sad. I showed up and brought along with me a sacred robe made out of razor clam shells. I put the robe on before we walked into the sacred space of death. Along with those who were living the energy I led the group in opening hearts, speaking words of reverence, and then taking back their own individual power while honoring those who had gone before them.

After the ceremony was over, I removed the razor clam robe.

I woke up. The dream, to me, was real. Feeling transformed and grateful, I kept my head on the pillow and asked myself some questions. What did the call to the city I used to live in mean to me? It meant going back to my past as now an authority. Cool. Then, the mass shooting. What in my life represented this? This past year; it was SO hard for me. Friends died, I felt energetically attacked for a good portion of the year, and a lot of things broke down around me. Not to mention being an empath during a time of country division hasn’t been easy, either. The big question … what about the razor clams? I have real good memories of digging clams with clam shovels at the Oregon Coast as a kid. Could it be as simple as putting on a coat of symbolic good memories to enter into this death scene for transformation? I grabbed my phone and looked up the meaning of “clam” as a totem or spirit guide. This is what I read (from

Clam/Mussel shows up as a spirit guide when …

  • you need to be able to siphon energy.
  • you need to balance well your life.
  • you need to be able to connect to the mud. (in the article it says that the mud is dirty and messy, yet the shell/home is a protector from circumstances).
  • you need wisdom.
  • you need to be able to go within.

Call on Clam/Mussel as a spirit guide when …

  • you need energy.
  • you need to understand your life
  • you need to connect to the earth.
  • you need to be wise.
  • you need to balance your life.

So, a ceremonial jacket of “going within, balanced life, wisdom, energetic siphoning, earth connection,” coupled with great memories as a kid sounds like a transformational coat to me.

Even more wowed by this prophetic dream is the contemplation of where the dream comes from and how it was delivered up perfectly for me. It is moments like these that I can say I have experienced the Power and Presence of God.

Happy Holy-Days,



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