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Insights on Interruption and Change

In Thursday’s press briefing to his state, NY Governor Cuomo said three things in dealing with Covid-19 that caught my attention: 1. One person cannot fight the pandemic. It takes all of us. 2. When there is a disruption in your life; you look for how you can “make better,” not “make the same.” 3. Improvement requires change. All change comes with opposition. Take a moment to think about this. Any major life shift can be substituted for the word pandemic. “Starting a business,” “healing from an illness,” “reuniting a family,” “getting married or divorced,” “buying a house, etc.” Allow this to be a template lesson. A successful elimination of Covid cannot be done alone. It can’t. Look at the roles necessary for its elimination: US Government: Country vision for what’s emerging, direction, information and funding Governors: State vision, local numbers, implementation of US Government plans Mayor: Distribution of funding, oversight of stay at home orders Essential workers: Providing services necessary for us to remain at home Public: Stay...

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Permanently Changing

Impermanence. Buddhists use this term to describe the constant state of change.  Life is impermanent. Everything changes.  Suffering, the Buddhist says, exists in part when we hold on to that which changes, wanting it to stay the same. Today in Phoenix is the perfect day to write about this.  It is the second day in a row we’ve had non-stop rain.  I have mud-caked tennis shoes in the car port looking like I just left a horse stall, not walked down my palm tree lined street.  I’ve lived here for two and a half years and this is the first time I’ve experienced this.  It is different, not the same.  And, today I like it.  It reminds me of Seattle without the promise it will remain this way for four, five, or six months.  It will change.  It really doesn’t matter if I like it, anyhow, because it is what it is … raining. Elements of life are this way.  We do have influence over much of life, some...

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