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As Long as We’re Breathing, We’re Learning

Guess what? I’ve gone back to school.  I’ve prepared for it all week beginning with a conversation with my Starbuck’s barista.  Brian welcomed me with my venti, Passion, no sweetener, iced tea informing me “school has started.”  “I know,”  I tell Brian, “I am taking a class, too.”  “Really?  Now why would you take a class?”  He says with twenty year old curiosity.  “To learn,” I respond as he begins laughing.  He sees the world in semesters and degrees.  I see the world in chunks of learning.  I signed up for a three credit English class on magazine writing.  I don’t care about the credit.  After twelve weeks I want to hold up a portfolio of pitched and in process articles I’ve written. I drove up to the campus, very comfortable, as I’ve worked on college campuses and enjoy the sensation of being surrounded by individuals interested in the discipline of learning.  After getting my parking permit and mortgaging my house for the purchase of two paperback text books...

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