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The Power of Prayer: Back to the Basics

Although I have a regular spiritual practice, there are times when I “hunker down” returning to the basics. With all of the noise in the collective field I found myself recently requiring a renewed discipline to go deeper into the I Am Field that lives within me. All religions teach five basic spiritual practices: 1. prayer, 2. meditation, 3. study, 4. giving, and 5. spiritual community. The more “practiced” I become, the less rigid and open my heart is, I acknowledge other forms of spiritual food for me that exist outside of these five primary ones. I now add a. being outside and drinking in the fresh air, b. the choices I make throughout the day to open my heart or close it, c. engaging with creativity, d. acknowledging The Divine in the Life in front of me, e. engaging The Intuition within me, f. listening and tending to my body. In other words, the more aware I become of the Allness of God, the practice of Presence resides...

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Waimea Wisdom

Alooooooooha. I am in Kauai celebrating a significant milestone birthday. My desire for myself? To see, know, recognize, give, and receive love in all of its magnificent forms. It has become a practice for me. I can sit in any situation and say “I spy with my own little eye, love ….” The Course in Miracles says everything is love or a cry for love. If this is indeed true, then I ought to see/experience if I give it attention. Kauai is an Hawaiian island where I have visited: as a child to play with my family, as a young adult to heal from heartbreak, with my daughter to bond and learn, to write my first book captive on a balcony overlooking the roaring Pacific, to explore deepening relationships with others, and now to celebrate who I’ve been and who I’m becoming in the next phase of unfolding. Yesterday I stood atop Waimea Canyon, the mini-Grand Canyon, reading this passage from mystic-teacher Joel Goldsmith: “Flow, God; flow! Flow into...

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