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How Does Peace Feel?

How does Peace feel in your body? What is the sensation of Peace? How do you know when it is present? You may be able to say, duh, it is this …. and go into description, or it may cause some thoughtful contemplation. And, it is worth doing. To know the vibration of a concept, to intimately know an internal quality allows us to call it forward at any given moment because, in essence, we know where it is located and how to access it, and we can trust its presence as us.   Several weeks ago I had this crazy idea of compiling a global Peace prayer through video clips posted onto YouTube. The intention is three fold: 1. to invoke Peace and creativity with those making the submissions, and 2. to magnify the field of Peace through this project so that it is easier for others in the world to access, 3. to directly impact individuals through the message. You are encouraged to play. You can sing...

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A Community Prayer for World Peace

Inspiration: I have a vision. It is one which has tickled my insides for a while now, and I couldn’t quite articulate it until this TED Talk was sent to me, by my friend Rhonda. The TED talk is about fourteen minutes in length and well worth watching. Eric Whitacer, composer, facilitates a global choir singing some of his compositions. Inspiring, powerful, and filled with stories of the human spirit and the gift of music; to me it is a manifestation of the Oneness which we are. This is where my idea comes in. And, you don’t need to watch the video to play in this idea. The Idea: Here is the idea…individuals from around the world (that’s you) create a video of fifteen seconds or less with their one word or sentence of prayer for world peace. That’s it. Grab your cell phone and video yourself or a group of you, and speak your Peace. Some suggestions? State what it feels like to be at peace within yourself. Or,...

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