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Your One Thing for 2018

    What is the ONE THING that if you accomplished it, gained it or became it in 2018 would satisfy you? What did you do today to ensure that you moved closer toward that thing? I watched a YouTube video where Tyler Perry attributes having one focus, getting Madea into the theatre, onto the stage as paramount to his meteoric success. Just one focus. Not Madea and losing weight. Or Madea on stage, in books, in movies and on coffee cups. It was Madea on stage. Period. His life organized itself around this intention. His hourly jobs existed to support the production of Madea. He worked until they conflicted with his goal, then quit and got another job. He lived in his car, in weekly hotels, and apartments. His sole focus was getting Madea seen. Nothing would stop him from making Madea happen. For eight years he held one show a year, that he subsidized before Madea took off, skyrocketing into a national play, a movie, and eventually...

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Revelation: It’s The Mother

I want to meet Richard Branson. My first step in cultivating the possibility of meeting Sir Richard is reading his biography, Losing My Virginity. This compelling book had me face first into it, gulping it down in parts and savoring it in others. I was with him as I read each paragraph. Then the insight hit me which shifted the way I now see the world. Oh my God, I begin yelling in my empty house, “success comes down to the quality of one’s mother.” Stay with me on this one; it shook me too. I cannot remember a moment in my life when I have not felt the love of my family. We were a family that would have killed for each other — and we still are.  (pg 18) Branson describes his early years in scene-after-scene of family involvement and caring. His words paint the picture of a solid family foundation which he could always count on. As he becomes older and begins to take risks growing ideas into...

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And A New Year, It Is

  I have been fascinated with the idea of “new” this year. “New,” of course, means it hasn’t been before. I’m reading Billionaire Richard Branson‘s autobiography and aware he names his companies “Virgin,” as for him, each company and its concept for him is “new.” It is outside of the known. It is beyond what is present preceding this moment. The idea hasn’t yet taken form. 2013 is a time in history which hasn’t yet been. And, within this year I can experience newness by becoming new and courting The New. I can decide the way I will approach life. Will I choose to be a victim, complain, and judge? Or, will I choose to live from my Highest knowing of Spirit? Will I contribute my gifts, skills and talents to Life? And, in what forms? And, to whom? Do I dare to be the Authentic Bonnie as more and more of me is revealed to me? I say YES to entering into my own new experience of me....

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