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What Are You Reading?

Today I added my Summer Reading List to my blog site.  As I posted the books I am nurturing this summer, I felt a bit naked.  I became aware that what I read informs me and others quite a bit about who I am, where I’ve been, what I dream about, and where my interest lies.  I feel I am splayed open with book in hand and an inquirer staring on.  I hesitated for a moment about posting my reads.  I share them with my closest of friends, but putting them on-line for the world to see?  Taking a deep breath, I reminded myself the world isn’t currently reading my post; just smart, hip, loving people (wink).  Plus, I’m practicing transparency.  Haven’t we all thought the same thing or shared the same emotion at some point? Shaking and hugging myself simultaneously I began posting. One of the books I’ve recently read is Pat Conroy’s My Reading Life where he chronicles his life journey through his love of various books. Where the Wild Things Are The Five Chinese Brothers (Paperstar) and a...

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