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Connection is Service

Who and what are you connected to? When you and I experience connection; we experience a taste, a bit of home. We feel seen, heard, appreciated, and all of the good stuff our Soul knows is who we are and why we are here on the planet together. Connection happens in the most interesting of ways and often it is not an intentional practice (although it can be) yet it’s an out picturing of who we are at our best. My friend Glenda and I have shared customer service stories with each other for two decades now. The fascination is, we both are aware that true connection changes our world. Bad service happens when people are seen as objects to get from; and good service comes in so many different forms with connection as its undergirded constant. Happy Monday dear friends. Remember to love one...

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What I Want from Customer Service

I envision a world where customer service looks like this: 1. When you buy a product or service it is delivered as promised and in the timeframe agreed upon. 2. If an error is made on the side of the company/service provider an apology is given followed by a remedy.  Responsibility is taken.  Communication remains open.  The customer is not burdened with the work to make it right. 3. For high priced items or on-going service, I like periodic check-ins, looking like a relationship.  “I see Ms. Barnard you purchased a solar system for your pool last year, how do you like it?”  I think an $8,000 investment warrants this.  Of course, what I think and what is an be two different things. These past two years as I have had plenty of opportunity to reflect and observe, I came out of my solitude with the desire to write a book on the Soul of Customer Service.  This desire came from my interest in the Soul (the place where...

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