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A Year of Go(o)d provides daily lessons designed to train the mind into alignment with Spiritual Thought and insight based upon the written works of mystic Emma Curtis Hopkins. Each lesson is grounded in a quote from Hopkins. The body of work is insight, revelation, reflection, and experience from Rev. Bonnie's decades of spiritual exploration and teaching. The reader is provided with an action item to engage with daily. Powerful, life-changing, and awakening. Affirmative Prayer Front
“I am very engrossed in this book and grateful you wrote it. I’m understanding new ways of being.” Patty N “This book changed me.” Rey from Tempe, AZ
  • Daily Insights and Lessons for living Truth
  • Based upon Emma Curtis Hopkins’ mystical work
  • Work it by date or flip open for wisdom
  • Learn to prepare for powerful prayer
  • Master the Affirmative Prayer technology
  • Sample Prayers in appendix


Qualities of God Metaphysical Lent
“This profound book is destined to become a classic.” Dr. Janine Burns, Host of “I buy every book of Reverend Bonnie’s when it comes out. This was no exception.” Mark E, Phoenix
  • Resource manual for prayer and meditation
  • Quotes from major sacred texts to anchor wisdom
  • Insight from author on accessing Qualities
  • Lenten living from the inside out
  • Practices to transform by choice
  • Recommended action for change

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