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Have Rev. Bonnie Pray for You

Imagine Rev. Bonnie bringing your name into her daily prayer practice. Each morning engaged in her complete spiritual practice; words of Truth will spoken for you. After meditation Rev Bonnie transitions into powerful affirmative prayer; steeping herself in the Field of Divine Love. Then she begins a mala practice. She will speak your name with a Statement of Truth upon each of the 108 strung beads. Your name along with Truth every day.

Similar to the Rosary, the Mala is used to repetitively speak intentional Affirmations.

I incorporated the Mala Beads into my daily spiritual practice to spice it up a bit. I loved it immediately. IMG_1701After my silent meditation and affirmative prayer, I pick up my Mala Beads and speak one Statement of Truth aloud 108 times. I feel the energy of this Truth and sit in its vibration. I notice the feeling of grounded Spirit in my being. Afterward, I feel refreshed and ready to embrace the day. Recently I took to adding the names of my clients in my 108 repetitions. It was more powerful than I could have imagined. This lead me to offering this service to others interested in being included in my daily prayer practice.” Rev. Bonnie

This is How it Works

The Hindu’s believe that names hold within them the very nature of the individual they are representing. There is a tonal, energetic and mystical quality to my name and to your name.¬†Your name will be included into this delicious daily practice and Rev. Bonnie will email you the Statement of Truth for the day so you can join in on this daily practice should you desire.

Each month has a theme. A theme can come from:

  • a Sacred Scripture such as the Bible or the Gita
  • a Spiritual Teacher/Inspired Individual such as Dr. Ernest Holmes, Emma Curtis Hopkins or EmersonIMG_1707
  • an Eternal Quality such as Love, Prosperity, Wealth, Health
  • Rev. Bonnie’s own life practice with the Truth of what’s up for her

If this is of interest to you, register below to begin. The fee for one month is $125, less than $5 per day.

Length of Time