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Private Sessions

Private Prayer Sessions

People initially contact me when they find themselves in an emotional mess, a physical illness, a powerfully large desire, or an Soul inkling that wants to grow. A few clients contact me because someone tells them for years for they ought to give themselves regular prayer support, and then one day they commit not sure why.

Whatever brings you into our sacred relationship is perfect. Each session begins and ends in affirmative prayer. You share confidentially what is on your heart and I listen for what is wanting to die and emerge within you. We speak of your Soul, who you are becoming, and engage in deep spiritual dialog — all of this wrapped and held in prayer.

Most clients choose to have ongoing, regular prayer support once they’ve tasted this level of support.

One time or occasional prayer support $125 per session

Rev. Bonnie’s prayers and support are powerful and have made significant impact in my business. I had a super sized intention of filling a large room for a talk I was giving on my book. I worked with Bonnie through the entire project. Step-by-step, she guided me through various spiritual practices including visioning, meditation, prayer, intention-setting along with strategy for implementation. The room was filled with my perfect clients. It couldn’t have been done without Rev. Bonnie. It is as though she allowed and encouraged me to anchor heaven on earth. I highly recommend her.” Bronwyn Marmo, Award-winning and Bestselling Author of The Food Is A Lie: The Truth Is Within

When I need to call out the big prayer guns, I contact Rev. Dr. Bonnie.” Rhonda Britten, Emmy Award Winning Coach, Best Selling Author, and Founder of the Fearless Living Institute

Divine Mother Rocks

Years ago I was given the assignment to rock the souls of babies stuck between worlds. Even to me this seemed weird and yet when I am given an assignment from The Divine Mother, I don’t question Her, I trust and obey. For at least three months, every morning and evening in my prayer practice I found myself rocking the souls of individuals I will never know nor meet in form.

What I discovered in this process was my heart grew its capacity. Like the Grinch, my heart grew three times its size of aperture by engaging in this practice. Since then, I have found myself often praying for myself and others NOT with words, but by bringing the energy field of another next to my heart and allowing the Divine Mother within me to hold, rock, and comfort.

This was the beginning of the service I am calling Divine Mother Rocks. I will bring you, or a loved one, into my practice nightly for ten minutes, seven nights in a row. With open heartedness I hold and rock you. Sometimes no words, sometimes Inspired words of Love. This service is limited to six people at a time.

Divine Mother Rocks Sessions for One Week, $125.

For information on these services, please contact me at Place in the Subject Line the name of the service you are inquiring about. Provide me with your contact information.