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Affirmative Prayer Class


Do you feel stuck in your life; unclear and muddy; unable to hear your own inner guidance?

Are you tired of being who you are right now, knowing there is a Greater You wanting to emerge?god-block-shows-faith-belief-and-prayer-100241192

Do you continue to hit road block after road block as though you are pushing life instead of living it?

Is there something you want more of in your life and you don’t know how to experience it?

Do you want to deepen your spiritual practice and learn a new form of prayer in order to step more into The Divine Presence of God?

Affirmative Prayer is a spiritual practice that shifts the focus of God as a thing outside of yourself floating in the sky to an internal presence from which you live. This five step process has transformed my life thought-by-thought and can do the same for you. By the completion of this class you will know how to do Affirmative Prayer and you will have crafted your own unique Power Prayer in an area of your choice.

This class is offered at your convenience and offered IMMEDIATELY. You will receive access to seven prayer instructional modules, all seven classes in downloadable MP3 files, handouts for each class session, and the e-book Qualities of God: Qualities of Being. In addition, Rev. Dr. Bonnie will review your Power Prayer each week as you build it.

Available Now.