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I had my first direct experience of God at five years old in our back yard garden in Seattle.

One early morning March weekend, my dad and stood in front of a raised garden bed with tools and newly purchased seeds surrounding the two of us. Dad supervised my mixing of chicken poop in a bucket with ordinary dirt, wearing my mom’s yellow kitchen gloves and using a large wooden measuring stick free from the garden store. The potency of the soil rested upon my mixing. Once mixed and distributed, I tore open the radish and carrot seeds with anticipation of planting them three inches apart, as the paper packaging suggested, and two inches deep.

I watered, pulled invading weeds, and felt compelled to pray over and sing to this garden. One day while in the middle of the verse All Things Bright and Beautiful, I fell to my knees and promised I would grow up to be a minister and tell people about Divine Love. I would serve That which was welling up in my heart. This may sound like a child’s fantasy, however, the amazing part of the story was my family didn’t attend church.

I did.

I walked myself down to the nearest Episcopal Church and this shy girl with a page boy hair cut, me, navigated my way through the sanctuary to sit amongst the adult congregation where I’d learn my first religious education.

My training consisted of many life adversities and challenges, a daily spiritual practice, a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, a Doctorate of Divinity, an ordination, a national forgiveness tour, a twenty year one-on-one spiritual directorship work, three years of solitude and silence, visits with and to many Faith Healers, and reading thousands of books on or about God plus publishing a few of my own: Forgive Your Way to Freedom (2004), The Go(o)d Life: Daily Lessons for the Mystic in Training (2013), Affirmative Prayer: Becoming the Answer to Your Prayer (2013), Qualities of God, Qualities of Being (2013) and Metaphysical Lent (2014), Thirty Days of Joy (2015). My life journey has been to uncover, embrace, embody, speak about, and live from this Divine Love I committed to in the garden. I have had several more direct experiences, each providing me additional information about what I call Light/Love.

In 2014 I joined weekly with two others mystics in training to vision a spiritual community into being in Scottsdale, Arizona. In May of 2015 we opened ImpulsUS (Latin for Impulse — or Divine Inspiration) with the commitment to bring forth a contemplative community that practices together, gives of itself, creates together, and listens for what is ours to do. We meet on Saturdays for 90 minutes and it is open to anyone feeling called to spiritual practicing and living as Inspired. For more information see

A-Dios (To God)


Your words have inspired me! In the 10 years I’ve studied Science of Mind, I’ve never so boldly received the message … Thanks to you I’m starting 2014 by releasing shame and fear. I’m walking in Faith. K. Rowe, Southern CA

Reverend Bonnie is grounded and present. Powerful. Unwavering. Convicted. A. Flosi, Scottsdale, AZ