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What’s Missing in the Pandemic Conversation

I started 2020 off with a HUGE gift. I was really sick. I spent the month of November in Bali. On the way home I had a layover day in downtown Hong Kong amidst many people wearing masks. I thought it was due to the air quality; I now know it was probably Covid. Once home, I was in bed for most of December, January and February. During this time of incapacity I was able to reflect upon the many of gifts The Spirit bestowed upon me the previous year. In early 2019 I took and retook a course on herbal medicine at Southwest Herb Shop. The first sentence our instructor said in class was “plants exist to love you.” Take in those words for a moment. “Plants exist to love you.” They exist on our planet in part to give and sustain life. This is true. Once that sentence left her lips, I recalled how most all synthetic pharmaceuticals are made to mimic plant remedies. I learned that...

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