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Affirmative Prayer

How to Pray Affirmatively

Many of you enter into prayer with the deep desire to promote change. To see things differently or to become different, yourself.

You want to become more of you and seek the Eternal guidance as you grow.

You may want a different, richer, experience of the life you are living.

And, you continue to get in your way as you can’t feel the Presence of God for which you so deeply yearn.

Maybe a change in the way you practice prayer could support you with your deep intent.

Affirmative Prayer is different than traditional prayer as it takes into consideration the Oneness of God flowing in, through, and as you. It is a five step technology which recognizes the Infinite as the non-visible Reality of you. Prayer, then, is an outflowing of this Inner Truth, not a beseeching to a separate idea of an unreachable and moody diety.

The invisible self is infinite and without limit. It is cosmic. It is God. Here perhaps is one of the most difficult and abstract truths we can ever attempt to realize. It is so simple and so profound. Just as there is but one energy in nature which energizes everything, and one universal ether which flows through all things, and one universal substance which takes form in all things, so there is One Universal Spirit at the root of every individual mind. Dr. Ernest Holmes, theologian, philosopher

This five week course is available or groups both in-person and through virtual technology. You can also learn how to pray affirmatively through Rev. Bonnie’s book Affirmative Prayer: Becoming the Answer to Your Prayer and her five CD audio series.


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