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Success Teams

Success Teams — The Power of Shared Intent

Are you craving a group of like business folks coming together for the intention of growing business or accomplishing ambitious goals? Do you do best when you have a group you report to with updates and seek support for strategy? Do you want a group which uses mental and spiritual technologies to move you beyond your sometimes stuck self and return to the flow?

Success Teams is a group of less than ten business leaders coming together with the shared intention of growing business using Spiritual Principle, shared wisdom, and group accountability. Whether you have a sales goal, client retention goal, a product to launch, a book to write, identify your twelve week accomplishment and get to work with the shared power of a group intention to bring it into fruition. Rev. Bonnie facilitates clarity married with action to move the group’s success into a visibly potent result.

“Rev. Bonnie’s prayers and support are powerful and have made significant impact in my business. I had a super sized intention of filling a large room for a talk I was giving on my book. I worked with Bonnie through the entire project. Step-by-step, she guided me through various spiritual practices including visioning, meditation, prayer, intention-setting along with strategy for implementation.  Guiding me through cold calls and successful press releases, she brought her business experience coaching me into fulfillment. The results were beyond my wildest dreams. When the evening arrived we not only packed the room but it was filled with my perfect clients. It couldn’t have been done without Rev. Bonnie.  It is as though she allowed and encouraged me to anchor heaven on earth.  I highly recommend her.”  Bronwyn Marmo, Award-winning and Bestselling Author of The Food Is A Lie: The Truth Is Within