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The Go(o)d Life

Six Weeks of Living the Go(o)d Life

Over breakfast in a Seattle cafe’, I asked one of my minister colleagues to update me on how my Seattle colleagues were doing. I had since moved to Phoenix and hadn’t stayed in touch with all my minister buddies. He proceeded to tell me stories of friends which fell into two distinct groups. One group experienced incredible, crazy, wow success in the midst of a financial recession. Not only financial favor, but strong love lives, joyful dispositions, and embodying dynamic health. The second camp was struggling something awful, some leaving the ministry with broken heartedness. I wanted to know about those succeeding, what made them different. My friend said, “they’re all studying and applying Emma, Bonnie.”

Emma Curtis Hopkins is one of my favorite teachers. I have read my way through her foundational book Scientific Christian Mental Practice┬áso often I’ve replaced my worn out copies three times. I heard this cafe’ conversation as my opportunity to bring Emma’s work to the world in a format and teaching that is engaging and workable. From this, I wrote A Year of Go(o)d.

Six Weeks of Living the Go(o)d Life is a class which culls six of the major themes from the teaching with insight and practice for living the Presence of God.

Week One: Your Good is Your God and God is All There Is

Week Two: You Are Your Understanding of God

Week Three: Denials and Affirmations

Week Four: There Is No Matter; Only God

Week Five: There is No Sin; Sickness or Death; Only God

Week Six: Living the Go(o)d Life


Christian Mystic and healer, Emma Curtis Hopkins, taught the New Thought teachers who would go on to become founders of the great American Spiritual Movements: Unity, Science of Mind, Emmanuel Movement, Christ Truth League, Homes of Truth, and Divine Science. This singular teacher would go on to have impact upon millions of individuals within and beyond her lifetime. (1849-1925)