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I Choose to be Maladjusted

Over the years I have loved Martin Luther King, Jr for his commitment to living heaven on earth and I’ve disliked him for his alleged philandering. When I learned it was a mother who said to him in the grocery story “I hope someday our children can play together and not be judged by the color of their skin but instead by their character,” I was angry he didn’t credit her for these heart felt words.  Since becoming a minister I realize talks are inspired in large part by our experience with others, so I softened a bit.  After I had the experience of being cheated on, I couldn’t imagine a man who touted “morality” harming his wife this way.  I still don’t understand this one, and I’ve learned it isn’t my business to. There are periods over the past four decades I have also been deeply inspired by his words and work.  Core changing inspiration which has led me to see the Gospels in a social light.  I...

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