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A Year in (Visual) Review

Beginnings, middles and ends tend to be important to me. If my year has been more bad than good, I am grateful it is over.  “Phew, thank God, I can start again.”  If more joy than pain, I celebrate this.  “Yippee, winner.”  (is that word Trademarked now?)  Always a triumph in the flipping of the calendar from one year to the next.  For closure, I create a comprehensive list of anything remaining to forgive or leave behind, then I do it.  Followed by a list of gratitudes, which I hang out in a bit.  Then, the intention or theme I’ve set for the year, I imagine in my journal. This year, while contemplating my closure within my blog, I decided upon a “year in pictures” selecting photos which in some way open my heart a bit.  Here goes … 2011 begins.  Happy New Year is the picture I have on my Face Book profile for the month of January.         Daughter wins Bingo … raise your...

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