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Transformation is Sexy

“Nothing is sexier than watching active transformation” came sliding out of my mouth suspended 90 feet above the ground. I went zip lining with my friend Brandy last week.  She was terrified.  Okay, terrified is a generous understatement.  She was silent in the car ride to the zip location. She robotically geared up with the assistance of our guide.  Trembling she wanted to run.  A few times she said ” no I can’t” and those around her would remind her she could.  Her skin was a cross between ghost and paste and her energy was somewhere outside of her body.  She had a good reason to be frightened.  Several months prior she had been in a plane circling over LAX when the plane caught on fire, smoke filling the cabin.  She associated the experience of height with potential death and she wanted to move beyond and through this fear.  It was, however, active within her and running her body. We were given safety instructions and then we ascended via...

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