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Investigating Ghosts in Bisbee, Arizona

  My life is really busy right now. One task after the next, each one I love, there are just so many of them. I feel like the lady in the shoe who had so many children, she didn’t know what to do! Only my children are tasks. Panting and checking off my to-do list, I look up at my computer screen to see an advertisement for a paranormal “ghost” investigation with famed psychic, Chip Coffey. Without processing the impact upon my schedule, I pick up the phone, dialed my writing partner, Ann, and we both sign up in record time. Within a week we were off to Bisbee, Arizona.   Bisbee, Arizona is a mining town, although mining is limited nowadays. In its hey day of 1885 through 1920, the town had upward of 30,000, out populating Phoenix (population 1,000) and Tucson (population 2,000) boasting 47 saloons and a lively town life. Today the population is about 6,000 and it has become a local fascination as the town...

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