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A New Year, A New Theme

What is your theme for 2012? Every year I choose a theme for the new year.  Why?  It becomes my year’s anchor and guide.  Instead of waddling through a year, I have purpose.  At the completion of the next year, God-willing, I can look back through a lens and see my life with a given perspective. My themes usually are about calling forth an inner quality of being.  In 2009, my theme was Self Care.  2010 I was “birthing my Soul.” 2011 was different as my focus was on a skill or profession.  I was cultivating The Writer.  To do this, I became a member, then secretary, of the Phoenix Writer’s Club.  I could be found in writer’s workshops, such as Stella Pope Duarte’s workshop Drawing Down the Muse.  Or at Paradise Valley Community College taking a creative writing or magazine article writing class.  As a guest writer for a local blog, I wrote weekly about the Soul for  I started my own blog which then turned...

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