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Let’s Create Our Story

Have you had the experience of several streams of thought coming together into one?  I did tonight. I attended a story telling class geared toward healers. Our instructor recounted a story which shared the same bones as The Ugly Duckling.  Only the family was a group of chickens and the duckling/swan was an eagle.  It is said the eagle fell from his nest as a young one to live amongst the chickens.  He learned how to “be chicken.”  He pecked his food from the ground, and spent most of his days there, with the exception of occasionally sitting on a low farm fence. One day a naturalist drove by and was taken by this sight.  Determined to assist the eagle in finding his authentic self, the naturalist went about slowly but surely encouraging the eagle to return to his native state.  He began by making a connection with the bird  until he was comfortable enough to perch about his arm.  Then, he reminded him who he really is, “You...

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