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Remember to Include This in Your 2019 Goals

  Remember to include this in your 2019 goals … YOU!!! Yes, remember to include what you love, enjoy, want, desire, yearn for, what brings you juice. Remember to prioritize YOU in your goals. Last blog I wrote about setting goals for 2019 and I didn’t invite you to step into the vortex of fun and speak from there. And, it is never to late to develop or to revise your goals. In fact, everything that you commit to is revisable and mutable; you just want to utilize your discretion. This is how goals work. You decide what you want to create, make happen, grow into for 2019, ending in 2020. Then in 2020 you are able to look back and see if these goals were manifest or if they were moved toward. In the meanwhile, you prioritize your goals over all else in order to ensure they come to fruition. Goals, as I see them, come out of desire. De-sire is made up of two meanings. “De” means...

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The Energy of Obligation

    Step into of your most recent memory of doing something out of obligation. What did it feel like? This summer I traveled up to Washington State, from Arizona, and along the way I stopped at spiritual centers to speak, teach, and sign books. I have two new books released in the past several months, one in May and one in June. I stopped at one church which invited me to speak as a favor to one of my colleagues. Favors can be dangerous, at minimum energetically unclean, as implied within them is the energy of owing and obligation. Let’s call this church, The Church of We Are Having You as a Favor (CWHYF). As a spiritual detective, I allow myself to explore various energies as a bonus to the work I do of bringing forth Divine Love, my real job. Exploring obligation, then, was definitely on the menu at CWHYF. Why waste this grand opportunity? I stepped smack into the middle of obligation and immediately my body...

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