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A Twenty Year Friendship Crescendo

I fell in love with my friend,¬†almost twenty years ago,¬†at a task force meeting for our spiritual community. We each had a styrofoam cup of coffee with powdered creamer in one hand and a day old donut swaddled in a napkin, in the other. We were in a small Las Vegas church in an even smaller room filled with voted-in leaders from across the country. Our eyes met as if to agree this continental breakfast was lame for a volunteer group who took vacation time from work traveling far distances to make a contribution to this organization. Our eye language became an instant and lasting part of our relationship. On our first break, we briskly left the building walking to the nearest grocery to buy some fresh food. We bit into a fresh apple, drank from our sweating water bottles and giggled our bond into existence. I learned my new friend was thirty five years my senior, although she didn’t look it and her energy didn’t convey it. She...

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