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Good-bye Whitney

    As my years on the planet increase and my spiritual practice deepens, I become more and more aware of the gift celebrities play for us in our lives.  These are my insights: 1.  They have the courage to be seen. As a magnet for our sight, we give them permission to set our fashion trends.  How often have you seen a scarf or blouse on a celebrity and said to yourself “I want one like that?”  Or, have gone to a hairdresser to say “I’d like a Dorothy Hamil, Farrah Fawcett or Jennifer Aniston cut?  The light side of the celebrity’s willingness to be seen is the bringing forth of beauty into our lives.  The darker side is when we are hesitant to look within our own selves, we will likely hoist our opinion and judgement externally toward another.  Celebrities are great lightening rods, just mention the name “Sarah Palin” and you will get a strong reaction of support or disgust. 2.  They are willing to be...

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