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Girl Scouts Take the Stand of Inclusion

While on my morning walk listening to Beth and Friends, KEZ 99.9 fm, on my iHeart Radio app, disc jockey Beth played a portion of the YouTube video, below.  It is a talk given by a 14 year old Girl Scout advocating a boycott of Girl Scout Cookies because they allow transgendered individuals in the troops.  Beth’s response was something along the lines of “I will buy MORE cookies this year because I want to support a compassionate organization.”  I agree with her.  It would great for hate toward others unlike us to end in our generation. Listening with an open heart to the full YouTube video I remember how sheltered and naive I was at her age.  And, I applaud this young woman for having her voice heard and making an argument utilizing the written tenants of the Scouts.  Bravo.  However, the lack of understanding and compassion spoke louder than her argument.  The bigger question, I believe, is not how do we extricate individuals who are different than...

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