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The Spiritual Revival

    I woke up this morning thinking about the Spiritual Revival, a two night event in the Los Angeles area. In three weeks, I, along with three powerful women, will facilitate stepping into the Field of Divine Love through prayer, meditation, chant, music, and dancing.   My sister-friend Larisa Stow and the Shakti Tribe will weave music throughout the spiritual facilitation. Her music is known to create a vibration-raising revolution with their edgy blend of mantra-infused rock. My other sister-friend Gino Walker will be one of the three spiritual facilitators of the evening. She too is a powerful singer, singing from the consciousness of Oneness. Gino is also a Spiritual Teacher, teaching what she lives. Gino will close out the evening with her facilitation. I am the third spiritual facilitator for the evening and will open the Revival centering and grounding us in The Good of God. The first evening, Friday, October 18, will be held at the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living where Rev. Bonnie Rose will...

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And A New Year, It Is

  I have been fascinated with the idea of “new” this year. “New,” of course, means it hasn’t been before. I’m reading Billionaire Richard Branson‘s autobiography and aware he names his companies “Virgin,” as for him, each company and its concept for him is “new.” It is outside of the known. It is beyond what is present preceding this moment. The idea hasn’t yet taken form. 2013 is a time in history which hasn’t yet been. And, within this year I can experience newness by becoming new and courting The New. I can decide the way I will approach life. Will I choose to be a victim, complain, and judge? Or, will I choose to live from my Highest knowing of Spirit? Will I contribute my gifts, skills and talents to Life? And, in what forms? And, to whom? Do I dare to be the Authentic Bonnie as more and more of me is revealed to me? I say YES to entering into my own new experience of me....

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Surrendering with Singer Songwriter Larisa Stow

Surrender is the mac-daddy of spiritual practices. It requires us to Trust the Unknown and the Invisible (Love, Grace, Compassion, Right Action, Presence) so deeply we are willing to relinquish our mental prowess to enter into an experience which is beyond the mind. and then act from that place.  The Bible would call this “listening to the still small voice.”  For me, I learned to trust control (the antithesis of surrender)  in order to maintain safety.  Trusting The Invisible and leaning into it has been a long and gradual process. My writing partner and I get together regularly to review and comment on each other’s work.  As a former reporter, she is always telling me to add more sources to my writing, to include more voices into my work.  I have taken her suggestion and in addition to source references throughout my book-in-process, I have taken to interviewing individuals who embody the theme for which I’m writing.  Larisa Stow embodies surrender. She actually embodies Love.  Yet the Love emanating through...

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