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Meditating in the Dental Chair

    There have been many times in my life when I have paused to give thanks for my meditation practice. Today, at the dentist was one of them. Let me back up. I learned to meditate out of my deep, deep hunger to connect with my inner spirit, to know God within me.  I have been meditating daily for almost twenty years.  And, yes, little-by-little meditation has supported me in clearing out the voices of the world so that I may hear my deep, small voice within speak to me. Meditation has also trained me in pausing to make conscious choices over reactive impulses.  Learning to follow my breath, calm my body, and retrain my thoughts have been a bi-product of this practice. Today I’m at the dentist. Laying the dental chair with my mouth wide open, my body tenses as a needle makes its way toward me.  I thought I was going in for filling replacement, and it turned out to become the first step of getting...

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