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What I Want from Customer Service

I envision a world where customer service looks like this: 1. When you buy a product or service it is delivered as promised and in the timeframe agreed upon. 2. If an error is made on the side of the company/service provider an apology is given followed by a remedy.  Responsibility is taken.  Communication remains open.  The customer is not burdened with the work to make it right. 3. For high priced items or on-going service, I like periodic check-ins, looking like a relationship.  “I see Ms. Barnard you purchased a solar system for your pool last year, how do you like it?”  I think an $8,000 investment warrants this.  Of course, what I think and what is an be two different things. These past two years as I have had plenty of opportunity to reflect and observe, I came out of my solitude with the desire to write a book on the Soul of Customer Service.  This desire came from my interest in the Soul (the place where...

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