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Partnering Up for Prayer, Part I

I am a multi-dimensional being with most of me existing in the invisible realm. What about me can’t be seen? My thoughts. Yes, the evidence of what I believe shows up through my actions, I live them outwardly, yet the actual thought behind the action cannot be seen. An example of this may be I may think I am funny (thought) and laugh with myself (action following thought). My emotions. Emotions are most often a result of my thought interpretation. In changing how I see something, I change the emotion which arises from it, thus changing my behavior. With trauma victims, the fractured emotional field often informs the thought. It is backward. Either way, they date each other and are sleeping together in the invisible. I believe you didn’t clean up your room to get even with me (thought and interpretation) and I become mad (emotion). My feelings. My feelings include intuitive knowings, inklings, body sensations, body impressions, silent transmission of energy between myself and another. These too cannot...

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