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Your Invitation to Creating a Year That Matters

Happy 2012!! Join me for taking Rhonda Britten’s Create a Year That Matters. Each one of us creates a life that matters by creating moments, days, years, and decades which have meaning to us. Chunking down our dreams, goals, and aspirations into sizes we can implement, then acting upon those chunks, allow us to create a life of our choice. I take Rhonda’s tele-class every year.  I look forward to it.  This past week I began asking myself questions about who I want to become, what I want to do, and the experience I want to know in order to prepare for this class.  Rising to the top of my desire list is completing my book and increasing my spiritual coaching practice this year.  These intentions I bring with me into the class.  With the coaching support of Rhonda, and the assignments she parses out, I am certain to manifest these intentions. She is giving a deal to my blog readers.  Four weeks of vision, clarity, and releasing disappointments...

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A New Year, A New Theme

What is your theme for 2012? Every year I choose a theme for the new year.  Why?  It becomes my year’s anchor and guide.  Instead of waddling through a year, I have purpose.  At the completion of the next year, God-willing, I can look back through a lens and see my life with a given perspective. My themes usually are about calling forth an inner quality of being.  In 2009, my theme was Self Care.  2010 I was “birthing my Soul.” 2011 was different as my focus was on a skill or profession.  I was cultivating The Writer.  To do this, I became a member, then secretary, of the Phoenix Writer’s Club.  I could be found in writer’s workshops, such as Stella Pope Duarte’s workshop Drawing Down the Muse.  Or at Paradise Valley Community College taking a creative writing or magazine article writing class.  As a guest writer for a local blog, I wrote weekly about the Soul for  I started my own blog which then turned...

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A Year in (Visual) Review

Beginnings, middles and ends tend to be important to me. If my year has been more bad than good, I am grateful it is over.  “Phew, thank God, I can start again.”  If more joy than pain, I celebrate this.  “Yippee, winner.”  (is that word Trademarked now?)  Always a triumph in the flipping of the calendar from one year to the next.  For closure, I create a comprehensive list of anything remaining to forgive or leave behind, then I do it.  Followed by a list of gratitudes, which I hang out in a bit.  Then, the intention or theme I’ve set for the year, I imagine in my journal. This year, while contemplating my closure within my blog, I decided upon a “year in pictures” selecting photos which in some way open my heart a bit.  Here goes … 2011 begins.  Happy New Year is the picture I have on my Face Book profile for the month of January.         Daughter wins Bingo … raise your...

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