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Here Comes Claus in Old Town Scottsdale

My daughter visited over the Thanksgiving Holiday, and like any good mother I brought her to Old Town Scottsdale for an afternoon. As she was in a store, I stepped outside following my ears.  I was hearing something which sounded like Christmas singing, guitar playing and a horse neighing.  An odd combination, or so I thought.  Until I saw it, yep, you guessed it, I’m sure … Cowboy Claus. This got me thinking, as it often does about non-traditional jobs.  Work one creates out of a passion and a calling.  His style is similar to Sister Wendy’s style who gave my entrepreneurial drive juice for many years.  I would catch myself saying something like “if Sister Wendy can be an art critic with a large following, then I can design my life to work for me.” Yes, I could watch Sister Wendy for hours, as many do.  She sells videos, books and her popular show is seen on PBS.  Sister Wendy is a contemplative.  She works two hours a...

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