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Good-bye 2013, Hello 2014

    The countdown has begun. Less than three hours to the New Year on the West Coast. What will you be “releasing” and what will you “accept” for this new, shiny, brilliant year that has your name written all over it? I’m at my friend Rhonda’s house creating slips of paper with concepts of release and acceptance on them. We just lit the fire pit out back under the stars and in the chilling still evening. Burning will begin in the next hour. If you have something you would us to add your releases and acceptance to the pit on your behalf, we will. Jot them below and it is done. Here are some of mine:     There you go. A sneak peek at some of my internal stuff. Two releases and one acceptance. We will burn what we release first followed by what we accept. Then together we will pray for each other and those we love. When we are complete we will write love letters...

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A Soulful Resource: Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative Prayer is praying from an internal state of Oneness with The Great Love and praying from the State which is desired, instead praying about the something desired.  It is embodying the end result energetically and then knowing it for yourself or another. The philosopher and spiritual teacher Ernest Holmes created an easy five step process for praying affirmatively. 1. Recognizing The Creator.  Sitting quiet in a contemplative space of knowing there is One Energy from which all Life and forms flow.  Connect with that Energy field with an open, grateful heart.  The basking in this dimension is often enough. 2. Unifying with The Creator.  Once the contemplation is set, then allow yourself to realize It lives within YOU.  The State is coming forth through communion within your very being. 3. Claim what it is your heart desires.  This is done “affirmatively” meaning in the present tense as though it is so.  If the prayer is for health it is speaking the words of well-being for yourself. 4. Give...

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