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Celebrating Life as a Response to Death

Today am I keenly aware of death. Rev. Jackie Allen, my former practitioner teacher made her transition this week.  Three years ago today, my father passed away.  Last month I attended an out of state memorial service for my high school friend’s husband. Yesterday I dropped a sympathy card in the mail for a friend whose father passed. As a minister, I have conducted many memorial services and a few funerals.  It is one of the reasons I became a minister. There are moments in our lives when people gather together out of love and cheer each other on.  Births, birthdays, weddings, graduations, new homes, and deaths. Death is different than other celebrations as often grief companions us through the process.  Our hearts are broken.  We are at choice to allow our heart to break open, or to close it and try to protect ourselves from any future pain.  The courageous route is to be broken open and to allow vulnerability to rise within us.  The death of a...

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