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Thirty Days of Thank Yous — The Reveal

Make Peace Brothers Singing Thank You Make Peace Brothers ( singing Thank You June 1st I posted my intention to write thirty thank you cards in thirty days.  I was inspired by Patti Digh saying she writes one thank you note a day.  I gave myself the challenge, and this is what I learned about myself: 1.  Writing thank you cards created internal space — with each card written I had more energy.  I discovered a thank you note felt like completing a transaction.  It was like adding punctuation to a sentence. 2.  I felt as though I were ordering more Grace from the Universe with each card.  There is a power in the written word, as it is an idea that has taken form….from head to word.  As I paused to honor those I resonated with; it was as though I were saying “this is it. I love this. I am open to more.” 3.  I was unable to write one a day.  My body would not let me. ...

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