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My First Tweet

Two weeks ago I was sitting in a sea of laptop computers and men on a college campus.  I was attending Word Camp.  Word Camp is an all day training session to assist individuals in learning WordPress, the format I use for my blog.  Sitting next to me was Rhonda, a woman about my age, unemployed, and wanting to work her way into the technical field. She asked me what I did for a living and I told her I was a minister.  Her face shifted the way many people’s do when they are uncomfortable with the answer.  “I am so sorry I said F**K,” she says sheepishly.  I reassure her it is a handy word and I don’t hold it against her in any way. As the talk begins the speaker encourages everyone to tweet about their experience.  I am not a tweeter.  I lean into Rhonda saying “what would a minister tweet about anyway?”  Her answer was “I’d tell people to Love Themselves.  We all forget.”  Brilliant!...

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