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Walking Meditation

The combination of body movement and mindfulness … is one I can get excited over. I have always been a big walker and when I practiced solitude and silence for years, walking became an essential part of integrating insights into my body and transmuting old thought energy that no longer fit my new emerging self. Motion was a necessary part of my shedding and opening. This insight brought me to reading what I could about the spiritual practice of walking. The Australian Aborigine are known to take Walkabouts which are ritualized walks within the desert guided by one’s intuition and the voices of one’s ancestors. These walks are a form of spiritual initiation as each step is symbolic of external as well as internal movement. This recognition has allowed me to walk out of my house and realize I am literally walking from an old level of consciousness into a new level of consciousness. Labyrinth walking has resurged in the past twenty or so years. Walking the labyrinth is...

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I love to walk. Every day I take a four to five mile walk and magic happens.  The walk is never the same, although the path remains so.  Different cars drive by me, trees are in different stages of development, birds are chirping or quiet, I am surrounded by a whole variety of life. I have begun to vary the time I walk. Morning is different than mid-day different than day’s end.  This time of year in Phoenix, I’ll wear long pants and a sweatshirt for my morning walks, mid-day attire will be shorts and t-shirt, and evening is back to the long sleeves. During my walks I receive “downloads” or cosmic insight.  It was during a walk that I realized I needed to feel the absence of love in my life to recognize its presence.  This changed the texture of my being and the direction of my life’s work.  I forgive and bless on walks.  And I practice being fully present.  I practice being in my body, feeling...

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Bringing Love to It All

Most mornings for me begin with a several mile walk to a coffee shop, sitting in an overstuffed chair with an herbal ice tea in one hand and a book in the other, and then walking back home.  Throughout this “me” time I am provided with an onslaught of insight about my life.  I may remember who I’ve been or I experience being pulled into who I’m becoming.  More often, I am practicing being present with each step and each breath. This year I turn fifty.  I see this as permission to strip away and shed all voices except my One True Voice.  Maybe they aren’t stripped or shed, but they certainly are encouraged to take second place to the One True Voice.  She comes forward on occassion with some brilliant recognition, more often then not, she comes forward with a deep love and I translate that well of feeling into words. I have been working on a book, well several to be honest, and I haven’t liked the “voice” I’ve...

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