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Oh, How I’ve Missed Myself

  Exile and forgetting are natural states for most human beings, but so are remembering and recalling. All tasks are completed through cycles of visitation and absence. Poet, David Whyte I received an email from a friend the other day checking in to be sure I was all right. She referenced my lack of blog posts as her primary concern for my well-being. As I read her email, I knew she knew me. I have missed the part of me that is a writer. I have missed the Dashboard of WordPress, the competing thoughts vying for the limited space on the post. I have yearned for choosing the term that describes the winning thought. I have ached to select the picture-paints-a-thousand-words photos to marry the text. I have missed hitting the Preview, then the Publish button. I have missed sharing who I am and what I know with people who value my work. Yet my distraction has been a good one. This summer I purchased, then renovated a condo I’ve come to...

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Bringing Love to It All

Most mornings for me begin with a several mile walk to a coffee shop, sitting in an overstuffed chair with an herbal ice tea in one hand and a book in the other, and then walking back home.  Throughout this “me” time I am provided with an onslaught of insight about my life.  I may remember who I’ve been or I experience being pulled into who I’m becoming.  More often, I am practicing being present with each step and each breath. This year I turn fifty.  I see this as permission to strip away and shed all voices except my One True Voice.  Maybe they aren’t stripped or shed, but they certainly are encouraged to take second place to the One True Voice.  She comes forward on occassion with some brilliant recognition, more often then not, she comes forward with a deep love and I translate that well of feeling into words. I have been working on a book, well several to be honest, and I haven’t liked the “voice” I’ve...

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