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“Bonnie and I worked together in a MasterMind Group in which each participant chose their area of concentration. I chose to focus on marketing my book that was in development. Through the group’s support and suggestions, and through Bonnie’s continued enthusiasm outside the group, I developed ideas and plans that couldn’t have happened otherwise. She’s a creativity instigator”.     Quinn McDonald, Author of Raw Art Journaling: Making Meaning, Making Art

“For the past seventeen plus years, when I had a decision to make and couldn’t hear my own voice, I would call Rev. Bonnie for prayer.  Within a short period of time, I had my own answer.  If you ever forget who you are or need someone to remind you of your highest and best or just want support for whatever you are going through, Bonnie can help.  She is steeped in the consciousness of God.  Rev. Bonnie will lift you up and remind you who you really are. Plus she manifests like nobody’s business.  She’s my go-to-gal-for-God.”  Rhonda Britten, Emmy Award-winner, best selling author and founder of Fearless Living

“Rev. Bonnie and I learned it was legal for same sex couples to marry in Oregon.  Leaving Seattle at 5 am, we drove to the Portland Court House.  Rev. Bonnie performed a wedding ceremony every ten minutes for ten hours, while I photographed the event.  Pouring rain and cold weather did not deter her.  She managed to be fully present engaging with each couple, recognizing the importance of this day for them.  I would describe her as ‘pure joy in action.'”  Wanda Benvenutti, photojournalist

I am so excited about my next appointment. The investment is small for the rewards I receive! Gail Clay, Soul Singer

“Rev. Bonnie’s joy underscores her experiential knowing and revelatory consciousness. You can’t help but go deeper, illumined by her teaching and her example”. Rev. Renee’ Morgan Brooks